Sentence Examples

  • Einstein's work is so important and has proved fertile in so many various branches of physics that it is not possible to do more than enumerate a few of the most salient papers.
  • To appreciate this, it is sufficient to enumerate the birds without the critical muscle: Passeriformes and Coraciiformes, without exception; Ardeae and Podiceps; lastly various genera of storks, pigeons, parrots, petrels and auks.
  • At present about a thousand works and papers are published annually, and in this place it is possible to enumerate only a few of the most important among (mostly) recent memoirs that bear upon the Hexapoda generally.
  • 7 It is unnecessary to enumerate the various editions of the Regne Animal.
  • From the end of the 18th century until the present day, it is only possible to enumerate the outstanding features in the progress of entomology.

What's another word for enumerate?

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