Sentence Examples

  • Of royal codes, and even more so if we were able to tabulate the indirect evidence as to legal rules.
  • Nicholson, Palaeozoic Tabulate Corals (Edinburgh, 1879); M.M.
  • Suppose we have selected one of the numerous subsidiary problems suggested by the general inquiry, and obtained such full and complete information about one particular industry that we of a can tabulate the wages of the workers for a long series of years.
  • Between t and A useful result of this law is that it is sufficient to keep one junction always at some convenient standard temperature, such as o C., and to tabulate only the values of the E.M.F.
  • Of any couple, AB, for any given limits of temperature is the algebraic sum of the E.M.F.s between the same limits of temperature of the couples BC and CA formed with any other metal C. It is for this reason unnecessary to tabulate the E.M.F.s of all possible combinations of metals, since the E.M.F.