Sentence Examples

  • To subtract, we may proceed in either of two ways.
  • To add or subtract decimals, we must reduce them to the same denomination, i.e.
  • She can add and subtract with great rapidity up to the sum of one hundred; and she knows the multiplication tables as far as the FIVES.
  • Thus by adding 2 to aN we can subtract N from aN+2, obtaining 2000-0000, which is =2.
  • In incomplete partition the quotient is 3, and the remainders 11 and 17 are in effect disregarded; if, after finding the quotient 3, we want to know what remainder would be produced by'a direct division, the simplest method is to multiply 3 by 2 4 0 and subtract the result from 935.

What's another word for subtract?

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