Sentence Examples

  • If the axis of SN produced passes through the centre of S'N', 0 =0, and the couple becomes 2MM'sin4)/r 3, (19) tending to diminish cp; this is called the " end on " position.
  • As the distillation proceeded one layer would diminish more rapidly than the other until only the latter would remain; this would then distil as a completely miscible mixture.
  • Hence Spencer concludes that the sense of duty is transitory and must diminish as moralization increases.
  • The formula makes the gradient diminish from 25 volts per metre at 1500 metres height to To volts per metre at 4000 metres.
  • Cars built almost entirely of steel, in which the proportion of wood is reduced to a minimum, are used on some electric railways, in order to diminish danger from fire, and the same mode of construction is also being adopted for the rolling stock of steam railways.

What's another word for diminish?

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