Sentence Examples

  • (After Spence Bate and Westwood.) C, cephalon.
  • Then Goodsir, Kroyer, Lilljeborg, Spence Bate and one or two others made considerable advances, and in 1865 a memorable paper by G.
  • Georg Agricola, De re metallica (Basel, 1556); Percy Bate, English Table Glass (n.d.); G.
  • A complete edition of his publications, edited by Robert Spearman and Julius Bate, appeared in 1748 (12 vols.); an Abstract of these followed in 1 753; and a Supplement, with Life by Spearman prefixed, in 1765.
  • With regard to the accessions to knowledge in the enormous group of the genuine Macrura, reference need only be made to the extensive reports in which Spence Bate, S.

What's another word for bate?

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