Sentence Examples

  • She rummaged around and withdrew a large batch of crumpled bills, spilling several.
  • The prophets who normally preside over the Suppers are called " your high-priests," and receive from the faithful the first-fruits of the winepress and threshingfloor, of oxen and sheep, and of each batch of new-made bread, and of oil.
  • With special honour, and Bishop Repingdon of Lincoln, ex-Wycliffite, was one of the new batch of cardinals created on the 18th of September 1408, most of Gregory's cardinals having deserted him.
  • Further persecutions of a whole batch of Lollards took place in 1428.
  • At the Caribbean Sanctuary, Fate watched the Oracle record the latest batch of deals made between deities.

What's another word for batch?

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