Sentence Examples

  • The parcel contained a beautiful lavender dress, causing Cynthia to let out a slight gasp.
  • Dawkins bought the parcel that contained the mine in 1955, part of sixty acres.
  • A covenant " runs with the land " if it relates either to a thing in esse, which is part and parcel of the demise, e.g.
  • Originally the right of nominating) or presenting was annexed to the person who built or endowed the church, but the right gradually became annexed to the manor in which it was built, for the endowment was considered parcel of the manor, the church being built for the use of the inhabitants, and the tithes of the manor being attached to the the church.
  • In the next reign the king's mother held the borough of East Grinstead as parcel of the honour of Aquila.

What's another word for parcel?

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