Sentence Examples

  • LOUIS PASTEUR (1822-1895), French chemist, was born, on the 27th of December 1822, at Dole, Franche-Comte, where his father carried on the business of a tanner.
  • 16, 1904) discuss the relations between faith and the affirmation of phenomenal happenings; Paul Sabatier, "Les Derniers Ouvrages de l'Abbe Loisy," in the Revue chretienne (Dole, 1904) and Paul Desjardins' Catholicisme et critique (Paris, 1905), a Broad Church Protestant's and a moralist agnostic's delicate appreciations; a revue of Les Evangiles synoptiques by the Abbe Mangenot, in Revue du Clerge francais (Feb.
  • For at the beginning of his reign Valdemar leaned largely upon the Germans and even went the length, against the advice of Absalon, of acknowledging the overlordship of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at the reichstag of Dole, 1162.1162.
  • Some distance below Besancon it enters the department of Jura, passes Dole, and leaving the region of hill and mountain, issues into a wide plain.
  • Below Dole the river is navigable only for some 8 m.

What's another word for dole?

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