Sentence Examples

  • The expression " donation " simply referred to what had already been won under just title: the decree contained a deed of gift, but it was an adjustment between the powers concerned and the other European princes, not a parcelling out of the New World and its inhabitants.
  • It formed part of the donation of the Countess Matilda to the papacy.
  • But Henry made no endeavour for many years to utilize the papal grant of Ireland, which seems to have been made under the preposterous Donation of Constantine, the forged document which gave the bishop of Rome authority over all islands.
  • What we know for certain is that after the death of Hyginus, bishop of Rome (or c. 139 A.D.), he arrived, in the course of his travels, at Rome, and made a handsome donation of money to the local church.
  • Under an act of 1879 the district council have power to provide and maintain a cemetery either within or without their district, and they may purchase or accept a donation of land for that purpose.