Sentence Examples

  • The medics were talking about looking in his pockets for an organ donor card.
  • As the first chancellor of the reconstructed university of Copenhagen, Friis took the keenest interest in spiritual and scientific matters, and was the first donor of a legacy to the institution.
  • Both pillars and cross-bars were elaborately carved in bas-relief, and most of them bore inscriptions giving either the name of the donor, or the subject of the bas-relief, or both.
  • Emiriye is not transmissible by will, but may be transferred by donation, which returns to the donor should he outlive the beneficiary.
  • The battle is chiefly notable for the steadi- donor, ness with which the allied right, covered by the Light Division in squares, changed position in presence of the French cavalry; and for the extraordinary feat of arms of Captain Norman Ramsay, R.H.A., in charging through the French cavalry with his guns.

What's another word for donor?

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