Sentence Examples

  • The north-western portion of the island, called the Nurra, lies to the west of Sassari and to the north of Alghero, and is entirely volcanic; so are the mountains to the south of it, near the west coast; the highest point is the Monte Ferru (3448 ft.).
  • The rainfall in the south-west portion of the island is considerably greater than in other districts.
  • The mining industry in Sardinia is confined in the main to the south-western portion of the island.
  • Taking for convenience a limited portion of the universe, we observe that in consequence of t he circular movement, the particles of matter have vortices.
  • Its chief tributaries on this last portion of its course are the Alz and the Salzach, and at Passau, 309 m.

What's another word for portion?

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