Sentence Examples

  • His accession was "the first example of inheritance of the Scottish throne in the direct line."
  • Bathsheba's influence added a new element of danger to the usual jealousies of the harem, and two of David's sons perished in vain attempts to claim the throne, which she appears to have viewed as the rightful inheritance of her own child.
  • When Aretas intervened in the interest of Hyrcanus and defeated Aristobulus, the usurper of his brother's inheritance, the people accepted the verdict of battle, sided with the victor's client, and joined in the siege of Jerusalem.
  • Towards the close of the 14th century all the separate portions had come by inheritance or bequest into the hands of Rudolph IV.
  • As for the inheritance, obviously he had some kind of access to Katie's money or he couldn't have invested with it.

What's another word for inheritance?

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