Sentence Examples

  • In applying to the total population of 1790 the rate of growth shown since 1790 by the white people of the South, this rate, for the purpose of the above compirtations, is taken in its entirety only up to 1870, and thereafterin view of the notorious lesser birth-rate since that year in the North and Westonly one half of the rate is used.
  • The king's mensal land, as also that of the tanist or successor to the royal office appointed during the king's lifetime, was not divided up but passed on in its entirety to the next individual elected to the position.
  • Fragments of the former work have come down to us in the compilation known as the Quadrilogus, which is printed in the fourth volume of C. Robertson's Materials for the History of Thomas Becket (Rolls series); the miracles are extant in their entirety, and are printed in the second volume of the same collection.
  • Of course none of the narratives is found in its entirety, anything common to two or more of them being given only once; and great skill has been shown in weaving them together.
  • The crest-line of an anticline or trough-line of a syncline is rarely horizontal for any great distance; its departure from horizontality is designated the "pitch," and the fold is said to pitch (or dip) towards the north, &c. Most simple folds - with the exception of very shallow curvatures of wide area, - when considered in their entirety, are seen to be somewhat canoe-shaped in form.

What's another word for entirety?

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