Sentence Examples

  • It wasn't anywhere he'd tracked her during the entirety of her lifetime.
  • In applying to the total population of 1790 the rate of growth shown since 1790 by the white people of the South, this rate, for the purpose of the above compirtations, is taken in its entirety only up to 1870, and thereafterin view of the notorious lesser birth-rate since that year in the North and Westonly one half of the rate is used.
  • He didn't understand both their concern and eagerness to get rid of him, but felt familiar coldness settle into his chest.  There had been two other people in the entirety of the universe that cared for him, and the two people with him now were not the same.
  • If, however, application be made of the rate in its entirety from 1790 to 1900, the result would be a theoretical pure native stock in 1900 equal to the then actually existing native and foreign stock combined.
  • At the close of the monarchy, the plebeian possessed the private rights of citizenship in entirety, except for his inability to contract a legal marriage with a patrician, and one of the public rights, that of giving his vote in the assembly.'