Sentence Examples

  • Personal efflorescences provoked by a totality of experiences which differed in each case.
  • Nor is he capable of painting the events in which he took a part, in their totality as a drama.
  • In their totality they form the venerable compagnie.
  • Trace out the clue of causation to the end, says Hegel in effect, and it introduces you, not to a single first cause beyond nature, but to the totality of natural process - a substance, as it were, in which all causes inhere.
  • In their totality and unity the ten Sephiroth are not only denominated the World of Sephiroth, or the World of Emanations, but, owing to the above representation, are called the primordial or archetypal man (_7rpwrOyovos) and the heavenly man.

What's another word for totality?

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