Sentence Examples

  • Nor is he capable of painting the events in which he took a part, in their totality as a drama.
  • Personal efflorescences provoked by a totality of experiences which differed in each case.
  • The idea of the world as the totality of being is, like the correlative idea of God, only of regulative value; it is transcendent, as we never do more than make approaches to a knowledge of the sum of being.
  • The corona was photographed at Konigsberg during the totality of the 28th of July 1851; similar records of the red prominences, successively obtained by Father Angelo Secchi and Warren de la Rue, as the shadowtrack crossed Spain on the 18th of July 1860, finally demonstrated their solar status.
  • This is the totality of all existence; out of it the whole visible universe proceeds, hereafter to be again resolved into it.

What's another word for totality?

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