Sentence Examples

  • F m +Z(D2f1) (Dif2) f 2 f fm, the summation in a term covering every distribution of the operators of the type presenting itself in the term.
  • He was of the opinion that the summation of minute differences had played a preponderating if not exclusive part in the formation of species.
  • In strictness the angle is dependent upon the frequency, but if the dispersion be weak relatively to the double refraction, the product sin 24 - a)sin 2Ni - (3) has sensibly the same value for all terms of the summation, and we may write I=cos 2 (1 3 - a)/a 2 - sin 2 (1 ' - a) sin 2 (t ' - a 2 sin 2 2 This formula contains the whole theory of the colours of crystalline plates in polarized light.
  • (4) After eliminating the aberration on the axis, coma and astigmatism, the relation for the flatness of the field in the third order is expressed by the " Petzval equation," I 1 = o, where is the radius of a refracting surface, n and n' the refractive indices of the neighbouring media, and / the sign of summation for all refracting surfaces.
  • Removing the summation signs in equation (52) in order to restrict its application to two points and dividing by the common time interval during which the respective small displacements ds and ds were made, it becomes Pdsfdt = Rds/dt, that is, Pv = Rv, which shows that the force ratio is the inverse of the velocity ratio.

What's another word for summation?

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