Sentence Examples

  • Here you'll learn about each character's arrival date, a brief rundown of his or her past and love life, a memorable scene each has been involved in, what's coming up next for the character and a bit about the actor, too.
  • offers the Intrepid model under it’s official name, Prada SPS O1LS Linea Rossa Black Men's Sunglasses, and the site does give a rundown of what you can expect performance wise from the look.
  • When it comes to selling a home, it's crucial to create a good first impression, so if the front of the house is looking at all rundown it should be painted (at least the door, trim, and shutters).
  • This kind of dedication requires a good source of Christmas craft supplies, however, so here's a rundown of some of the most popular Christmas crafts and how you can get your hands on the goods.
  • This means that some of the sites take the day in question, find out which celebrities are born on the day, and then give a rundown of what that particular celebrity can expect.