Sentence Examples

  • It is said that when he preached in the Dominican church of Metz, the bells were rung to drown his voice, but his voice outdid the bells, and on the next occasion he had three thousand hearers.
  • When war was regarded as likely the martinella was attached to the door of the church of Santa Maria in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence and rung to warn both citizens and enemies.
  • It has three entrances on the Plaza, and over its main gateway hangs the " liberty bell " of Mexico, first rung by the humble parish priest Hidalgo, on the night of the 16th of September 1810, to call the people of Dolores to arms, and now rung at midnight on each recurring anniversary by the president himself.
  • On the 1st of September the Commune decreed that on the following day the tocsin should be rung, all ablebodied citizens convened in the Champs de Mars, and 60,000 volunteers enrolled for the defence of the country.
  • The skellat, or fire-bell, is not rung now.

What's another word for rung?

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