Sentence Examples

  • He lifted his hat from a peg on the wall and shrugged into his coat.
  • He lifted his hat from the peg and clamped it on his head and then paused, one hand on the door while he studied her face.
  • The other supervisory lamp on the cord circuit is controlled in a similar manner by the subscriber who originated the call, and as that subscriber's telephone is off the hook when the peg is inserted, the lamp is not lighted at all until the subscriber replaces the receiver.
  • The subscriber's meter is joined in multiple with the cut-off relay, and whenever a peg is connected to the circuit a current flows through the meter.
  • For dressing flat surfaces three wooden pegs (102) of equal length were used; a string was stretched between the tops of two, and the third peg was set on the point to be tested and tried against the string.

What's another word for peg?

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