Sentence Examples

  • These privileges only attach where the place of worship of which he is a minister has been duly registered (the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855), unless in the case of bodies subject to special legislation, as Quakers.
  • A few species, however, attach themselves temporarily or permanently to some firm object by the exumbral surface of the body, and then the subumbral surface is directed upwards.
  • But one cannot attach moral attributes to the original Being itself, because these would imply limitation.
  • If, however, we employ a hollow sphere and let the stem pass through a hole in the side larger than itself, and attach the end to the interior of the sphere, then leakage cannot take place.
  • Extensive islands are thrown up, and attach themselves to the mainland, while the river deserts its old bed and seeks a new channel, it may be many miles off.

What's another word for attach?

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