Sentence Examples

  • She couldn't let her sense of hope seize her for fear of being devastated.
  • Dean decided to seize the moment.
  • Fear made Rhyn's chest seize.  No sooner had Gabe spoken the words than the demons fell away.  Coldness snapped over Rhyn, and his surroundings blurred.  He blinked, uncertain what happened until he found himself standing in a dimly lit chamber.  Kris and Gabe were still beside him, and instead of demons, there was only Death.
  • She rose only for Darian to seize again, sending her crashing onto her stomach.
  • It promised me I'd have the power to seize all the kingdoms around Tiyan and bring them to heel, to purge them of evil and rescue their people.

What's another word for seize?

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