Sentence Examples

  • If you played Molyneux's last game, Black & White, you shouldn't be surprised that my only real technical gripe comes from all of the glitches they left in this game when they put it on the shelves.
  • He might complain and gripe a bit when he sees you in three-inch heels when you are only going out to the movies, but secretly he'll feel proud that he snagged such a great catch!
  • One gripe that I do have is that while the video game renders are highly detailed, each player seems to have a strange glow or "aura" about them.
  • The only gripe I have about the graphics is that sometimes the camera view can be a little temperamental during some crucial situations.
  • Camera view is not that great (a familiar gripe I seem to have these days), making it difficult to see some important things.