Sentence Examples

  • A bust of Odoric was set up at Pordenone in 1881.
  • The industries include the manufacture of fine pottery, and of so-called porcelain buttons made of felspar and milk by a special process; its inventor, Bapterosses, has a bust in the town.
  • It seems needless to give references to the voluminous discussion in newspapers and periodicals concerning the authenticity of a wax bust of Flora acquired in 1909 for the Berlin Museum and unfortunately ascribed to Leonardo da Vinci, its real author having been proved by external and internal evidence to be the Englishman Richard Cockle Lucas, and its date 1846.
  • The larger, supported by six columns resting on the backs of lions, was made in 1272 by Nicolaus of Foggia;' the bust over the entrance to it is said to be a portrait of Sigilgaita Rufolo.
  • 673) was found in his tomb, bearing a full-face bust and his name; and impressions of seals of later monarchs of the Merovingian line, engraved with their busts and names, have survived.

What's another word for bust?

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