Sentence Examples

  • The rest of us were spiraling toward bankruptcy when Howie turned to Martha.
  • Every citizen of twenty-one years of age, unless subject to some legal disability, such as actual engagement in military service, bankruptcy or condemnation to certain punishments, has a vote, provided that he can prove a residence of six months duration in any one town or commune.
  • Where a debtor has committed any act of bankruptcy a creditor or creditors whose aggregate claims are not less than £50 may proceed against him in bankruptcy.
  • With Finance taxation screwed up to breaking point on personal and real estate, on all forms of commercial and industrial activity, and on salt, flour and other necessaries of life; with a deficit of 8,500,000 for the current year, and the prospect of a further aggregate deficit of Li ~,ooo,ooo during the next quinquennium, Sellas heroic struggle against national bankruptcy was still far from a successful termination.
  • Few, except the open partisans of national bankruptcy, doubted its necessity; yet so strong was the current of feeling worked up for party purposes by opponents of the measure, that Sellas achievement in having by its means saved the financiai.situation of Italy deserves to rank among the most noteworthy performances of modern parliamentary statesmanship.

What's another word for bankruptcy?

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