Sentence Examples

  • Prisons were relapsing into their former horrid state of privation, filthiness, severity and neglect."
  • Ramseyer, his wife and infant son (the child died of privation shortly afterwards), and Mr J.
  • Regarding evil simply as privation, Eckhart does not make it the pivot of his thought, as was afterwards done by Boehme; but his notion of the Godhead as a dark and formless essence is a favourite thesis of theosophy.
  • The expedition, which originally numbered 2500 men, was reduced by deaths at the hands of the Indians, by disease and privation, within a year to less than Soo men.
  • An illness brought on by toil and privation forced him to leave his work to others for nearly a year, but in August 1598 he returned to his field of labour, and in October of that year practically the whole country was Catholic again.

What's another word for privation?

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