Sentence Examples

  • After a struggle the Protestant faction gained the upper hand, and on the 7th of February 1550 Bonner's deprivation was confirmed by the council sitting in the Star Chamber, and he was further condemned to perpetual imprisonment.
  • He was released by Mary's accession, and was at once restored to his see, his deprivation being regarded as invalid and Ridley as an intruder.
  • It has cognizance of scandalous offences by laymen and punishes them by deprivation of religious privileges.
  • Deprivation, or imprisonment for more than two months, requires the approval of the king (ib.).
  • The offender, whether simoniacus (one who had bought his orders) or simoniace promotus (one who had bought his promotion), was liable to deprivation of his benefice and deposition from orders if a secular priest, - to confinement in a stricter monastery if a regular.

What's another word for deprivation?

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