Sentence Examples

  • The fourth method is through the parallactic inequality in the moon's motion.
  • The diurnal inequality is shown for " winter " and " summer " respectively.
  • Yet even in a church court inequality, generally speaking, is visible to the extent that an elder is not usually eligible for the moderator's chair.
  • This silly libel so enraged the performers at the Opera that they hanged and burned with him, the Dijon academy, which had founded his fame, announced the subject of "The Origin of Inequality," on which he wrote a discourse which was unsuccessful, but at least equal to the former in merit.
  • Taxes in his view must come out of rent, or profit, or the wages of labour; and he observes that every tax which falls finally upon one only of the three sorts of revenue "is necessarily unequal in so far as it does not affect the other two," and in examining different taxes he disregards as a rule this sort of inequality, and confines his observations "to that inequality which is occasioned by a particular tax falling unequally upon that particular sort of private revenue which is affected byl it."

What's another word for inequality?

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