Sentence Examples

  • Avw,uaXla, unevenness, derived from a y -, privative, and ouaXbs, even), a deviation from the common rule.
  • - This is important especially in the Iong-stapled cottons, unevenness leading to waste in manufacture, and consequently to a lower price for the cotton.
  • 12), a proportion inconsistent with any degree of mobility; once more indeed the phalanx of the 2nd century seems to have become a body effective by sheer weight only and disordered by unevenness of ground.
  • The massive irregularity of the exterior is due to the unevenness of the site.
  • By the fear that, if it were greater, the blast would penetrate so feebly to the centre that the difference in conditions between centre and circumference would be so great as to cause serious unevenness of working.