Sentence Examples

  • He enforced the censorship with unexampled rigour, and h13 interference with the food-supply work of the Zemstvos and Towns Union created a serious danger to the activities of these organizations.
  • From the 12th to the 30th of April he was detained in the palace of the Inquisition, where he occupied the best apartments and was treated with unexampled indulgence.
  • Enjoying her full confidence, consulted by her on every occasion, he had always used his influence for the public good; and perhaps those who look back now with so much satisfaction at the queens conduct during a reign of unexampled length, imperfectly appreciate the debt which in this respect is owed to her first prime minister.
  • The new government had, therefore, to deal with a position of almost unexampled difficulty.
  • Could not only reward his adherents with it, so as to Personal create a whole new court noblesse, but had enough ruleof over to fill his exchequer for many years, and to Edward enable him to dispense with parliamentary grants of ~ money for an unexampled period.

What's another word for unexampled?

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