Sentence Examples

  • Henry's "quantity" magnets acquired considerable celebrity at the time, from their unprecedented attractive power - one (August 1830) lifting 750 lb, another (March 1831) 2300, and a third (1834) 3500.
  • Without any political principles, properly so called, and without interest in or knowledge of foreign affairs, he maintained himself and his party in power for an unprecedented period by his great tact, and in virtue of his two great political properties - of zeal against every species of reform, and zeal against the Roman Catholics.
  • The course of the marriage and birth-rates, set forth above, affords evidence that the control over both has been exercised of recent years to an unprecedented extent, and it will appear from what is stated below, that partly owing to this cause, partly, also, to improved hygienic conditions in western life, there has been an even more pronounced decline in the rate of mortality.

What's another word for unprecedented?

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