Sentence Examples

  • Any attempt to interfere with these directions, by placing the seedlings in abnormal positions, is frustrated by the seedlings themselves, which change their direction of growth by bringing about curvatures of the different parts of their axes, so that the root soon grows vertically downward again and the stem in the opposite direction.
  • The abnormal development of resin has been called "succinosis."
  • The sixth book is devoted to the explanation, in accordance with natural causes, of some of the more abnormal phenomena, such as thunderstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes, &c., which are special causes of supernatural terrors.
  • The average rainfall, before it was affected by the abnormal seasons which followed 1892, was 51 in., varying from 33 in.
  • These pigmentary changes found in abnormal conditions are usually classified under (1) Albuminoid,, (2) Haematogenous, (3) Extraneous.

What's another word for abnormal?

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