Sentence Examples

  • Cromwell's personal character has been inevitably the subject of unceasing controversy.
  • 566-568), but to the wicked a region of wintry darkness and of unceasing torment.
  • Particularly under the grand master Winrich of Kniprode (1351-1382) it was the school of northern chivalry, engaged in unceasing struggle to defend and extend Christianity against the heathen Lithuanian.
  • Judith made unceasing efforts to secure a kingdom for her child; and with the support of her eldest step-son Lothair, a district was carved Out for Charles in 829.
  • This is a consequence of the false stability of portraiture, since in life the unceasing movement of light in the eyes, the mobility of the mouth, and the sympathy and sweetness which radiated from all the features, precluded the faintest notion of want of sincerity.

What's another word for unceasing?

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