Sentence Examples

  • He was untiring in literary work, and, though this consisted very largely of occasional papers, lectures, articles in reviews, addresses, and sermons, it included a third volume of his History of the Jewish Church, a volume on the Church of Scotland, another of Addresses and Sermons preached in America, and another on Christian Institutions (1881).
  • Little is known of the nature of his occupations during the next two years, except that he was untiring in his efforts to procure first the recall, and afterwards the impeachment of his hitherto triumphant adversary.
  • Besides his brilliant isolated discoveries in bibliography, he did much by his untiring zeal to improve the standard of library administration.
  • The British Bee- keepers' keepers' Association (instituted in 1874) has been associa- untiring in its efforts to raise the standard of efficiency bons.
  • In neither province is the soil naturally fertile, and nothing but the untiring industry of the inhabitants, favored by the rivers which traverse the province from the table-land of New Castile and the numerous small streams (nacinlientos) that issue from the base of the limestone mountains and by the numerous torrents from the Pyrenees, has converted them into two of the most productive regions in Spain.

What's another word for untiring?

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