Sentence Examples

  • With an almost exaggerated Pieteit Goethe's descendants preserved his house untouched, at great inconvenience to themselves, and left it, with all its treasures intact, to the nation.
  • Under Magyar pressure Seidler explicitly condemned all schemes of federalism, and pledged the Government and even the crown itself not to adopt any reforms which did not leave untouched the existing provincial boundaries.
  • Moreover, there is a late incorporation of literature, sometimes untouched by and sometimes merely approximating to " Deuteronomic " language or thought.
  • The priests and people besought Heliodorus to leave this sacred treasure untouched, but he persisted and - in answer to their prayers - was overthrown by a horse with a terrible rider and scourged by two youths.
  • Throughout, Scotland remained substantially untouched by Roman influences, and its Celtic art, though perhaps influenced by Irish, remained free from Mediterranean infusion.

What's another word for untouched?

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