Sentence Examples

  • With an almost exaggerated Pieteit Goethe's descendants preserved his house untouched, at great inconvenience to themselves, and left it, with all its treasures intact, to the nation.
  • Their small island was untouched.  The trees and jungle beyond were decimated by chasms and fallen trees.
  • Under Magyar pressure Seidler explicitly condemned all schemes of federalism, and pledged the Government and even the crown itself not to adopt any reforms which did not leave untouched the existing provincial boundaries.
  • It looked untouched, but a quick search revealed the only weapons remaining were those she'd taken when she left her room, and the beacon was gone.
  • Mansr strode down one of the many paths lining the rocky hills, away from the encampment and into a part of the hills untouched by any but the moons' light.

What's another word for untouched?

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