Sentence Examples

  • In England the brilliancy of the early part of the century in practical medicine was hardly maintained to the end, and presented, indeed, a certain contrast with the remarkable and unflagging progress of surgery in the same period.
  • Roman Catholic emancipation, which he continued to advocate with unflagging energy though now advanced in age, became complicated after 1808 by the question whether a veto on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops should rest with the crown.
  • They met with a quick and easy sale, were very extensively read, and very liberally and deservedly praised for the unflagging industry and vigour they displayed, though just exception, if only on the score of good taste, was taken to the scoffing tone he continued to maintain in all passages where the Christian religion was specially concerned, and much fault was found with the indecency of some of his notes.'
  • To his unflagging constancy was due the suppression of the dangerous rebellion of Ibn Ash`ath.
  • In and out of office his zeal was unflagging, and if he lacked those qualities which inspire enthusiasm and are requisite in a great leader, he was at least a model of industry.

What's another word for unflagging?

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