Sentence Examples

  • She stood too near, perfumed and ram-rod straight, fixing him with a level and unfaltering gaze with those arresting eyes.
  • I), and his tireless energy, unfaltering courage and strategic ability made him an officer of no mean order.
  • Unfaltering use is made of that conception as a key to all religious and moral problems. Usually, apologists and divines are hampered by the fact that, beyond a certain limited range, men cannot be regarded as separable moral units.
  • Still with unfaltering courage they continued their resistance to the dominant faction, till on the 2nd of June 1793 things came to a head.
  • It was in no small degree due to his stanch and unwavering leadership that the Church was saved from the peril of being overwhelmed by the rising tide of the pagan revival which swept over Asia during the first half of the 2nd century, and it was his unfaltering allegiance to the Apostolic faith that secured the defeat of the many forms of heresy which threatened to destroy the Church from within.

What's another word for unfaltering?

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