Sentence Examples

  • For instance, it has been held that Christ atoned for man k ind not by enduring the penalty of sin, but by identify views.
  • They are capable of enduring great privation, and make excellent soldiers under British discipline, though there are but few in the Indian army.
  • In 1671 he was captured at Kagalnik, his last fortress, and carried to Moscow, where, on the 6th of June, after bravely enduring unspeakable torments, he was quartered alive.
  • Consequently the Jews were divided into two parties - Pharisees and Sadducees - of whom the Pharisees cared only for doing or enduring the will of God as revealed in Scripture or in the events of history.
  • But this man, as the first that was distinguished there in this manner, after enduring what was likely to follow an act so daring, preserved his mind, calm and serene, until the moment when his spirit fled."

What's another word for enduring?

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