Sentence Examples

  • The district thus occupied sloped towards the sun and was sheltered by the Acropolis from the prevailing northerly winds.
  • The Right also hoped that closer accord with Germany and Austria would compel Italy to conform her home policy more nearly to the principles of order prevailing in those empires.
  • Though irregular, his action was to some extent justified by the depletion of the secret service fund under Giolitti and by the abnormal circumstances prevailing in 1893-1894, when he had been obliged to quell the insurrections in Sicily and Massa-Carrara.
  • The forest areas of India include the dense vegetation and luxuriant growth of the Tarai jungles at the foot of the eastern Himalaya, and wide stretches of loosely-timbered country which are a prevailing feature in the Central Provinces and parts of Madras.
  • A people, agreeing in its prevailing skull-forms with the Mediterranean race of N.

What's another word for prevailing?

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