Sentence Examples

  • The centrosome or centrosphere is usually regarded as the dynamic centre of the cell and a special organ of division; but its absence in many groups of plants does not lend support to this view so far as plant-cells are concerned.
  • 20, 451, 757) regards molten sulphur as a mixture of two isomers SA and Sµ in dynamic equilibrium, SA being light in colour and mobile, and S, dark and viscous.
  • On the other hand, the banker, the government official and the economist use railway statistics to obtain information which may be characterized as static rather than dynamic. Both uses ultimately rest upon comparison of the observed data from a certain property with the observed data from other properties, or with predetermined standards of performance.
  • This tendency can be resisted by giving a twist to the torsion head and so applying to the movable coil through the spring a restoring torque, which opposes the torque due to the dynamic action of the currents.
  • Kekule answered Ladenburg by formulating a dynamic interpretation of valency.

What's another word for dynamic?

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