Sentence Examples

  • Knight, made under the direction of Professor Osborn.) Laws of Local Adaptive Radiation and Polyphyletic Evolution, illustrated by two Upper Miocene Horses of the Plains Region of North America.
  • The effect can also be demonstrated experimentally: thus it has been observed that a xerophyte grown in moist air will lose its characteristic adaptive features, and may even assume those of a hygrophyte.
  • The influence of parasitism has so profoundly influenced its structure that its affinities are obscured by the development of specialized and adaptive features.
  • Fuller knowledge has shown that Macgillivray was ill-advised in laying stress on the systematic value of adaptive characters, but his contributions to anatomy were valuable, and later investigators, in particular H.
  • Adaptive in character but pursued without necessary knowledge of the relation between the means employed and the ends attained."

What's another word for adaptive?

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