Sentence Examples

  • "Cynthia didn't do it," Dean answered, trying to make his statement sound forceful, but unsure of whom he was trying to convince.
  • Alex's voice began forceful and then lost purpose - as if he thought it wiser not to say what was on his mind.
  • Concerning Byrd's style as a writer, Professor Bassett says: " It would be hard to find before Franklin a better master of the art of writing clear, forceful and charming English."
  • Sieyes, conscious that his political mechanism would merely winnow the air, until the profoundly able and forceful man at his side adapted it to the work of government, relapsed into silence; and his resignation of the office of consul, together with that of Ducos, was announced as imminent.
  • Among the governors of the 19th century Miguel Tacon, governor in 1834-1839, a forceful and high-handed soldier, deserves mention, especially in the annals of Havana; he ruled as a tyrant, made many reforms as regarded law and order, and left Havana, in particular, full of municipal improvements.

What's another word for forceful?

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