Sentence Examples

  • The pioneers of the work were confronted with many difficulties; most people condemned the fibre and the cloth, many warps were discarded as unfit for weaving, and any attempt to mix the fibre with flax, tow or hemp was considered a form of deception.
  • From the time of Plato medicine has been accused of ministering to the survival of unfit persons, and to their propagation of children.
  • The sexual passion had a strong attraction for him at all times, and, according to his biographers, the notes he set down in English, when he was turned thirty, on marriage and kindred topics are unfit for publication.
  • During this process the wood shrinks considerably, and unless much care and attention are given to the drying wood it will warp and shake sufficiently to unfit it for practical uses.
  • This document, in every line of which madness is legible, convinced most thinking people that Eric was unfit to reign.

What's another word for unfit?

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