Sentence Examples

  • I need you to take me to a spaceship so I can arrange to go home, she said with exaggerated slowness to make sure he understood despite her faulty translator.
  • A true introduction to Colorado mountain winters, the ones you read about in the books and think are the exaggeration of some faulty memory.
  • In her self-revelations she followed Rousseau, her first master in style, but while Rousseau in his Confessions darkened all the shadows, George Sand is the heroine of her story, often frail and faulty, but always a woman more sinned against than sinning.
  • Apellicon filled in the lacunae, and brought out a new, but faulty, edition.
  • Ft., but it is now fairly certain that these high values are erroneous, and due, not to the wind, but to faulty design of the anemometer.

What's another word for faulty?

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