Sentence Examples

  • The ascent from Chamonix is now frequently made in summer (rarely in winter also), but, owing to the great height of the mountain, the view is unsatisfactory, though very extensive (Lyons is visible).
  • If educated at home, the child (after two years of the compulsory period has expired) must undergo a yearly examination, and if it is unsatisfactory the parents will be compelled to send him to a public or private school.
  • Geulincx principally deals with the question, left in an obscure and unsatisfactory state by Descartes, of the relation between soul and body.
  • There are several reasons for the unsatisfactory financial results apart from the high price paid for the acquisition of the telegraphs.
  • These establishments are, however, unsatisfactory, being mostly situated on small islands, where it is often difficult to find work for the coatti, who are free by day, being only confined at night.

What's another word for unsatisfactory?

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