Sentence Examples

  • Primary education is in a very unsatisfactory state, and primary schools very scarce.
  • The historians of the day give us but imperfect records or make unsatisfactory allusions.
  • Every place seemed unsatisfactory, but worst of all was his customary couch in the study.
  • Jerome, perceiving the unsatisfactory position of Latin-speaking Christian scholars who studied the Old Testament at a double remove from the original - in Latin versions of the Greek - made a fresh Latin translation direct from the Hebrew text then received among the Jews.
  • So soon as State control was applied to any article it could be taken as a sign that the supplies would soon come to an end, or at any rate were very restricted; and thus it was impossible to prevent the equipment of the army from becoming gradually more inadequate, and the provision both of the army and of the population behind the lines with all kinds of necessaries from being altogether insufficient; only wholly unsatisfactory substitutes could be provided, and the available provisions could hardly be made to go round.

What's another word for unsatisfactory?

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