Sentence Examples

  • Kuchar expresses consternation over his friends' moral fiber as a whole community goes awry.
  • For some children with autism, the repeated, active interaction provided by intensive educational/behavioral therapy may modify their neural circuitry before it goes too much awry, correcting it before autism becomes permanent.
  • The voice of reason and something of a moral authority, Frylock uses his fries as limbs while trying to protect Meatwad from Shake's wrath, as well as generally smoothing out ill-conceived schemes gone predictably awry.
  • Vanyel helps Tylendel gain an illegal revenge for the death of his brother, but the plot goes awry, resulting in Tylendel's death and the sudden blasting open of all of Vanyel's own latent magical skills and abilities.
  • The story takes place during the Civil War and there is plenty of family drama, tragedy, history, and more to keep this from being anything but a fluffy old-fashioned love story gone awry.

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