Sentence Examples

  • If I should attempt to tell how I have desired to spend my life in years past, it would probably surprise those of my readers who are somewhat acquainted with its actual history; it would certainly astonish those who know nothing about it.
  • It was no surprise both children were so devoted to Alex.
  • Despite the indifference to the affairs of the world he had expressed to Pierre, he diligently followed all that went on, received many books, and to his surprise noticed that when he or his father had visitors from Petersburg, the very vortex of life, these people lagged behind himself- -who never left the country--in knowledge of what was happening in home and foreign affairs.
  • "I'll see you later," he added, and summoned de Beausset, who by that time had prepared the surprise, having placed something on the chairs and covered it with a cloth.
  • For a moment surprise captured her tongue and she basked under the warmth of that chocolate gaze.

What's another word for surprise?

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