Sentence Examples

  • Unqualified treaty-making authority.
  • Emanating from an assembly without a head, which could not possibly be an ecumenical council without the assent of one of the popes (of whom one was necessarily the legitimate pope) - enacted, in opposition to the cardinals, by a majority of persons for the most part unqualified, and in a fashion which was thus distinctly different from that of the old of John councils - they can only be regarded as a coup de XXIII.
  • He protested against the violent anti-Semitism of the time, and, in spite of the moderate tone of his publications, drew upon himself unqualified censure.
  • By the acceptance of, or even by an absolute and unqualified demand for, rent, which has accrued due since the forfeiture, by bringing an action for such rent, or by distraining for rent whether due before or after the forfeiture.
  • The foregoing account of the nature of mathematics necessitates a strict deduction of the general properties ' The first unqualified explicit statement of part of this definition seems to be by B.

What's another word for unqualified?

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