Sentence Examples

  • Emanating from an assembly without a head, which could not possibly be an ecumenical council without the assent of one of the popes (of whom one was necessarily the legitimate pope) - enacted, in opposition to the cardinals, by a majority of persons for the most part unqualified, and in a fashion which was thus distinctly different from that of the old of John councils - they can only be regarded as a coup de XXIII.
  • To all seeming the pope had admitted the canonicity of several of the decrees of Constance - for instance, he had submitted to the necessity of the periodical convocation of other councils; but from his reticence on some points, as well as from his general attitude and some of his constitutions, it appeared that the whole of the decrees of Constance did not receive his unqualified approval, and without any definite pronouncement he made some reservations in the case of decrees which were detrimental to the rights and pre-eminence of the Holy See.
  • Briefly, he proposed a governor and two chambers - an Assembly elected by the people for three years, and a Senate - the governor and senate holding office for life or during good behaviour, and chosen, through electors, by voters qualified by property; the governor to have an unqualified veto on federal legislation; state governors to have a similar veto on state legislation, and to be appointed by the federal government; the federal government to control all militia.
  • This traffic was carried on through Nupe "to the great damage," says Barth, "of the commerce and the most unqualified scandal of the Arabs, who think that the English, if they would, could easily prevent it."
  • After two months of close confinement Paschal consented to an unqualified renunciation on his part of the right of investiture.

What's another word for unqualified?

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