Sentence Examples

  • The existing parochial districts being found unsuited to the ecclesiastical requirements of the time, a general act was passed in 1581, which made provision for the parochial clergy, and, inter alia, directed that "a sufficient and competent" district should be appropriated to each church as a parish (1581, cap. ioo).
  • Under Owen scholastic studies were maintained with a formality and dogmatism unsuited to Locke's free inquisitive temper.
  • These plains are broken in places by low ranges of hills which are usually occupied by the principal industrial settlements of this part of the republic, the lower levels being for the most part swampy and unsuited for white occupation.
  • The creole patois is unsuited to be a medium of instruction, and English is used as far as possible, though its acquisition by the peasantry is that of a foreign language.
  • He momentarily thought of entering the rabbinate, but he was unsuited to that career.

What's another word for unsuited?

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