Sentence Examples

  • To Avoid Certain Festivals Falling On Incompatible Days Of The Week.
  • This statement is totally incompatible with Sir Henry Daly's and is only one of many contradictions in the case.
  • The cabinet, in which Baron Louis was minister of finance, and Marshal Gouvion Saint Cyr remained minister' of war, was entirely Liberal; and its first act was to suppress the ministry of police, as Decazes held that it was incompatible with the regime of liberty.
  • Thus the length of the body was limited, for to increase it involved an increase in the length of the rigid wheel base, which was incompatible with smooth and safe running on curves.
  • But his downright loyalty was incompatible with the spirit of concession and compromise which prevailed in the prince's council in 1649-1650, and he withdrew from active participation in the cause of royalism.