Sentence Examples

  • Thus b"c"' and b'bc" have each 66 beats per second, yet the former is more dissonant than the latter.
  • The two tones are now dissonant, and, as we have seen, about the middle of the scale the maximum dissonance is when there are between 30 and 40 beats per second.
  • Take as a further example the fifth with harmonic overtones as under The fundamental and overtones of the second either coincide with or fall midway between overtones in the first, and there is no approach to a dissonant frequency of beats, and the concord is perfect.
  • But the interval is still dissonant, and this is to be explained by the fact that the two tones unite to give a third tone of the frequency of the beats, easily heard when the two primary tones are loud.
  • There will be a tone frequency 480 - 256 =224, and this will be very dissonant with 256.

What's another word for dissonant?

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