Sentence Examples

  • That they were employed in divination is consonant with the facts already noted.
  • K is still in use as an ordinary consonant, and not limited to a symbol for abbreviations as in the classical period.
  • Kant's theory of knowledge, then, needed to be pressed to other consequences for logic which were more consonant with the spirit of the Critique.
  • The phonetic values of the signs are derived from their word-sign values and consist usually of the bare root, though there are rare examples of the retention of a flexional ending; they often ignore also the weaker consonants of the root, and on the same principle reduce a repeated consonant to a single one, as when the hoe ~, tinn, has the phonetic value bn.
  • In the Graeco- Roman period various imperfect attempts were made to render the vowels in foreign names and words by the semi - vowels as also by _~, the consonant y which __~ originally represented having been reduced in speech by that time to the power of s, only.

What's another word for consonant?

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